John's Acceleration Simulator

Rear Wheel Torque Curve Points
1: ft-lbs @ RPM
2: ft-lbs @ RPM
3: ft-lbs @ RPM
4: ft-lbs @ RPM
5: ft-lbs @ RPM
6: ft-lbs @ RPM
7: ft-lbs @ RPM
8: ft-lbs @ RPM
9: ft-lbs @ RPM
10: ft-lbs @ RPM
11: ft-lbs @ RPM
12: ft-lbs @ RPM
13: ft-lbs @ RPM
14: ft-lbs @ RPM
15: ft-lbs @ RPM
16: ft-lbs @ RPM
17: ft-lbs @ RPM
18: ft-lbs @ RPM
19: ft-lbs @ RPM
20: ft-lbs @ RPM
21: ft-lbs @ RPM
22: ft-lbs @ RPM
23: ft-lbs @ RPM
24: ft-lbs @ RPM
25: ft-lbs @ RPM
SAE Corrected (J1349, 6/90)
Gear Ratios
1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6:

1-2: RPM ms
2-3: RPM ms
3-4: RPM ms
4-5: RPM ms
5-6: RPM ms

Max Engine Speed: RPM
Race Weight: lb
Weight on Rear Wheels: % of Race Weight
Center of Gravity Height: in
Wheelbase: in
Coefficient of Drag:
Cross-Sectional Area: sq ft
Tire Diameter: in
Tire Type: Street Drag Radial Slick
Roll Out: in
Launch: RPM
Elevation: ft
Temperature: deg F
Rel. Humidity: %
Rel. Barometric Pressure: in Hg
Wind: MPH Headwind Tailwind

Time Delta: 5 ms 10 ms 20 ms
Display Delta: 100 ms 250 ms 500 ms
Mode: 1/8 mile 1/4 mile Top speed
Summary Only:
Auto Recall Last Run:
Location Name
1 Last Run

Default values are for my 2002 Corvette Z06.

Check Auto Recall Last Run and all form settings and values as of your most recent "run" (after clicking the Go! button) will be automatically restored for you the next time you visit! For this to work, your browser must be configured to accept cookies.

Be sure to select the desired memory location before clicking one of the memory buttons (Recall, Store, Clear).

Launches are clutch-slipping with traction control, meaning RPM will stay at or above Launch RPM, and if torque to the rear wheels exceeds available traction, torque is reduced as much as is necessary to prevent wheelspin.

Inertial forces of the flywheel, engine reciprocating assembly, etc., during launch are ignored, mainly because I don't know how to correctly integrate them into my calculations.

If doing top speed runs, be patient after the results window pops up. It make take 30 secs or more before the calculations are completed.


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